How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

Wondering how to duplicate a page or post in WordPress? By default, WordPress has no option to duplicate a page or post. However, there are several workarounds that you can use to duplicate a page or a post.

How to duplicate a WordPress page or Post

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Why you need it

When you run a WordPress website there can be several situations in which you need to duplicate a WordPress page.

Often when creating a WordPress website, you might want to create a template of a page that you might want to use on several different pages. Since WordPress does not have any built-in option for duplicating pages, often this process can end up being a lengthy one if you are not careful.

You may also want to duplicate a page in order to do some testing and updates without messing up the existing page or the live version.

Of course, you can manually copy the contents of your page onto a new page, but this can be a lengthy and cumbersome process. That’s why to make your life easier we have put together this stellar guide on how you can easily duplicate a page in WordPress. We will look at a few methods in this article.

Method 1: Duplicate a WordPress Page Without a Plugin

Sometimes you only need to duplicate one page. If that is the case, it is better to do it without a plugin. This method is manual so it’s only suitable if you have very few pages to duplicate, otherwise, it just gets tedious. For this example, we are using the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Unfortunately, if you still have the classic editor, this method will not work. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.

Open the page that you would like to copy. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Pages then click on All Pages. Under the page that you would like to copy click on edit.

Make sure no block is selected by clicking outside the content area. In case a block is selected, by default, WordPress will only copy that block. So if you are looking to copy the whole page, make sure no block is selected.

Click on the three dots in the top-right hand corner of the page. From the drop-down menu select, Copy all content.

Next, you will need to open the page that you want to copy the content to. If the page does not exist you will need to create a new one. To create a new page, in your WordPress dashboard under the pages menu click on Add New.

If you already have a page where you want to duplicate the content to, simply skip this step and instead edit that page.

Once the page is open, simply use the paste shortcut on your keyboard. If you are using windows then use Ctrl + V and if you are using a mac then Cmd + V. As you can see in the screenshot below the content has been successfully copied.

If you were to use this method to copy several different pages, then it can be a tedious process. Hence, to make your life easier, we have an alternate, fast and efficient method for bulk-copying pages.

Method 2: Duplicate a WordPress Page Using a Plugin

You can easily search for plugins that can duplicate WordPress pages from the WordPress dashboard. There are several of them available. For purposes of this tutorial we will use the Duplicate Page plugin. It is a simple light-weight plugin that does the job in an easy way.

In your WordPress dashboard, under the plugins menu, click on Add New. Search for the duplicate page plugin and click on Install Now. Activate the plugin after installation.

Before using the plugin, you should configure, it’s settings. Under the settings menu in your WordPress dashboard, you will find the Duplicate Page option. Click on it to open the plugin’s settings.

There are not many settings to configure here and most are self-explanatory. You can choose the editor that you are using, the status of the duplicate post and if you want to redirect after duplicating the post or page. You can also add a Suffix to all duplicated pages or posts.

Once you are done configuring the settings for the plugin you can now go ahead and start duplicating pages. In your WordPress dashboard, click on Pages and then click on All Pages. Under each page you will now find a Duplicate this option. Simply click on it to duplicate the page or post.

Duplicate a WordPress page or post with a plugin

You can see in the example below, we have duplicated the home page.

The status of the page will be according to the settings you configured.

Duplicating a WordPress Post with the Plugin

The method for duplicating a post is very similar to duplicating a page. Instead of the All Pages menu in your WordPress dashboard, access the All Posts menu. Under the post that you wish to duplicate click on Duplicate this. An example is shown below.

Once the post or page has been duplicated, you can now easily edit the content of the original page or the copy.

As you can see the plugin is an easier and better method for duplicating a WordPress page or post. There are many other plugins for duplicating WordPress pages and posts. They also come with more advanced features. However, this comes at a price tag also. For example, the Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type plugin has a free version with limited features and a Pro version with extra features. The price of the pro version starts from $15.

Here are a few Pro version features:

  • Duplicate up to 100 posts with a single click
  • Better processing using Ajax so less browser freezing
  • Access by user roles
  • Duplicate custom post types
  • Easily change link title in the duplicate post
  • Duplicate post prefix and suffix


We have gone through 2 methods which you can use to easily duplicate a WordPress page or a post. We have also briefly gone through how you can duplicate custom post types. Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or feedback or if you are having trouble with any of the methods.

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